data-intelligenceData Intelligence

Driving smarter business decisions with the right technology, a clear vision and a deep understanding of business analytics.

At Infovie we continuously work on injecting greater data intelligence into business strategies to allow organizations to make better business decisions and introduce new capabilities.

In a world of exponential data growth, we need to save everything, yet only operationalize a tiny fraction of that information. Business intelligence (BI) and advanced analytics provide the edge in extracting insights from data, identifies risk and helps your organization to capitalize on opportunities with a deep understanding of your business through reports, dashboards, visualizations and analysis of information.

Infovie provides services around Business Intelligence – offering application development, consultancy and support.

We have a growing team of developers and consultants who work on a wide variety of projects across a diverse range of sectors. Our developers work in conjunction with other analysts to manage Analytics / Modelling projects and are involved in all aspects of from design/solution through the full execution lifecycle.

Solutions for a competitive edge:

Infrastructure Maintenance

  • Performance Engineering
  • Platform Changes
  • Application Consulting
  • Application Operations

In-depth analysis

Proactive optimizations and well-defined support methodologies that leverage technology specific features and capabilities (e.g. MicroStrategy Integrity Manager used to report, analyze and act upon report and data issues)

Integrated design

For the entire BI and DW stack – ETL to Reporting to Mobile BI

Global delivery model

Provides 24 * 7 high quality support, scheduled proactive analysis and measures that include user training and system changes to resolve predictable issues

Proactive automations and alerts setup

For value added BI system administration, tuning, optimization, monitoring and maintenance aided with custom tools and dashboards

System consulting and architecture assessment

Using our proprietary tools and methodologies, participate in the development of projects that involve presentation set-up, data posting, and data analysis.

Work in partnership

With other analysts/project teams on an as needed basis.